Monday, January 8, 2007

2 months Already

It amazes me that Noah is 2 months. Time seems to be going so fast. This morning he woke up smiling and cooing. He seems to have so much to say. He tries so hard to vocalize himself.It is so much fun to see him grow and change.

The rest of the Sellers Crew are really trying hard to adjust to mom being preoccupied alot. I do not think they realized how much an infant takes to care for. Of course all of them are so willing to help with him but when it comes to the house, cooking, cleaning or anything else they are not so willing which of course where I need the most help.

Samuel is having a hard time at work. Melissa Sellers brought Sam working with Steven. I truly believe it is his hearts desire to be in a position where he will be appreciated. He is such a hard worker, loyal but not one employer honors, or respects his dedication he has to the job. It is ashame that our society is full of people who do not appreciate their employees. Mr. Sellers says it is not like it use to be and unless the younger generation see value in people it will not change.

I am rambling.. I hope to post a picture of my 2 month old, so look for it.
God bless.

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