Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Morning Chaos

Let me preface this by saying that Poor Noah spent the whole night crying and barely sleeping because the doctor changed his formula from a lactose free to a formula that has milk. He cried like he was in pain so I spent most of the night comforting my poor baby.

Anyway- we get up for church in what seems like enough time. My half grown children walk around acting as if they have no idea what to do. Having to be told, to brush their teeth, put their shoes on, eat so we can get ready to leave for church. In the meantime-I am still dealing with the baby and trying to get myself dressed.Dad is getting frustrated because everyone seems to have left their brains in bed or just plum did not care. Joey is running around with no shoes worrying about where is soccer jersey was, instead of getting dressed. Alex decided he was not going to eat breakfast this morning, while Paul is trying to get bottles ready for Noah. Sammy is dressed but still had not eaten. At this point the stress level is rising for Sam and I both. Paul and Joey start to fight over what-who knows! Words between the children keep going back and forth and finally I blow. Letting everyone know how tired I am and NOT IN THE MOOD to deal with their insensitivity and unkindness towards each other. Boy, what a way to go to church. We get in the van-mind you we are leaving late, so that means we will be walking in in the middle of service, which Sam hates(takes 45 minutes to get there). We start down the road, Sam stops to get me a sandwich from McD's for $1.00 since tending to baby left me NO time to eat. At that point he looks at me and says we are going home. I am not walking into the service late and I refuse to go to church in the spirit I am in at this moment. So we turned around and came home.

At home dad assigned Paul the duty of picking worship music. Sammy had to pick a Psalm and he picked Psalm 42. Joey had to pick a Proverb and he picked Proverb 3: 1 and 5. And Sam read us Ephesians 5. All in all it ended up to be a wonderful time in worship and prayer. Bringing peace back to a day that started out so Chaotic.

How many can relate?

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  1. Why is it when these kinds of things happen in other people's family; it's a little comical? Perhaps we enjoy seeing other people having the same issues as ours and all of sudden "we're normal after all!" Praise God, you glorified him in the end.
    P.s. Joshua went through the same thing Noah is. Hang in there!


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