Friday, February 9, 2007

A well needed rest

Yesterday was my day off. What do I mean by that, well yesterday I did not have my neices.(my day off) We schooled a bit and then hopped in the van and drove to my friends house, The Bakers.We spent the day hanging out, talking, watching a movie, eating pizza and just plain relaxing. It was so nice. Such a change in the daily grind. We really went there because we were suppose to go to bible study together, but bible study ended up being cancelled to Sam and I's benefit since we started 3 weeks behind everyone(because of the weather) we could use the extra time to read and catch up.

About the bible study: have you heard of the Christian book called Love and Respect? For all of you Christians out there who are married you should really read this book. Even if you are not married and intended to marry some day, I truly believe this book can be very insightful to man's heart and for a man to a woman's heart. It is amazing after 14 years of marriage the things I am still learning on how to understand this complicated creature they call a man.(haha and they say we(woman) are hard to understand) We are easy to figure out,figure out our emotions, figure out US!

Not looking forward to the weekend, for me it will not be like a weekend since Sam has to work on Saturday. ugh... pray for him. He is so stressed!

Celina-where are you? You have not posted on your blog in a while. Pray all is well...

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  1. okay,
    I tried to comment on your blog a few times and it wouldn't offer me a pass word thus, no comment.

    I'm going to phone you today; I hope I don't wake you up; I hoping that you will be up when I call.


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