Friday, February 16, 2007

well it is official

For weeks we had been hearing rumors among the employees at Sam's work that he was going to be fired. Why you ask? Well there was no real good reason given except that the company financially was slowly going down hill and Sam was the highest paid employee except for a few other people.(our guess) The rumors became fact yesyerday at 7:30 am, when they let him go. Between the frustration of the hours, the ill treatment, and the compromising of his principles the news came more as a relief to him then a burden. What are we going to do now you ask? We are not sure. Sam is currently in a mindset that he has killed himself for other companies to no avail so for a change he would like to kill himself to benefit his own family. What does that mean? Well he is considering just subcontracting work himself and working for himself. doing frame work or pouring concrete with himself and his sons, calling themselves"Sellers and Sons". It is almost scary but it puts us in a position of relying on our faith in God to provide our needs! Something I know we do not do often enough.
May God get the glory!

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