Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What to do

Last night Sam received a phone call from a gentlemen asking Sam to come work for him. The problem is he is not paying him what he made. (that is problem number one) Second problem is he loves what he is doing now. He really enjoys working with the older boys every day and most of all he enjoys working for himself. I know what you are thinking- then what is the problem. I know in Sam's mind he will sacrifice what he wants to do, to do what is best for the family. Providing for his family is more important to him then doing what he wants to do.
So I ask all of you to pray for him, as he is faced to make a decision. May he do the Lord's will!


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  1. what we are putting into practice over here is learning to be still and wait on God. As Americans we want quick answers. Keep praying, and as you said, "God will provide." Give him time to respond, you may be sparing yourselves any additional hardships.

    Give the Lord a chance to show his hand....
    Love you; we will lift your family up in prayer during class.


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