Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday at last

This week has been full. The boys are working hard, and I am trying to get use to not having the extra hands and take care of Noah all at the same time. I know that before I did it with 5, but I wonder-how. I know I had a system on how I did things, but trying to remember what that system was. Plus I did not home-school my children, so I guess that helped, when I had little ones, the others were in school, so I had to do was take care of them and clean the house. Now it is schooling, baby,house,baby,try to clean, baby, cook,baby, clean again, baby. Notice the cycle- the baby part is the part I enjoy- it is the other stuff, trying to fit it in some where.

Samuel has been working hard lately. I have hardly seen him. Yesterday he came home, ate something really quick and went straight to a favor he was doing for a friend.(side job) He got a phone call yesterday from another contractor who is seeking and estimator. So now he has two job offers on the table. Lord Lead him in the way he should go. It is hard choice for him because he truly has no desire to go and work for someone. He wants to work for himself, but he can see that the boys are not ready to do this full time. It is too much for them. Paul does not have the desire to do this at all. Sammy and Alex love it, it is just they are so young. I think in a way it has really disappointed him that Paul shows no interest, because he truly would have liked to grow Sellers and Sons for them. To benefit them in the future and the only one who is truly old enough, and strong enough has no desire to be there and it shows in his work. Sad thing is he asked him( I also asked him), and we both TRIED to explain to him how hard this was going to be, and of course at the time he was excited to do it. Now it is not so fun, it is work so he is not as interested.It definitely shows his immaturity and shows how he needs to be taught to be a man of his word especially when people are counting on you to follow through.

Though I have been so blessed to watch a transformation come over Alex. He truly loves working with his father. The physical work keeps his body, and energy focused on things that are pure and right! He comes home with a big smile on his face, happy to see me and his other siblings. It is so sweet! He actually even offered to give me his hardworking money to fill my gas tank. Of course I refused, because I know how hard he has worked for it. He deserves to get what he wants!

I ask that you lift us in prayer as we try to see where the Lord leads!

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  1. Sounds like things are productively moving along; praise God.

    This may not be exciting for Paul; but it is a lesson for him and for us all. In life, we rarely get to do enjoyable things. The rest of the time; it's work and hard work. Even people who work in areas they enjoy; there were always times in their lives, when they had to do things they didn't particularly care for. It's all experiance and something God will use to teach him, life's lessons.

    Soemtimes fathers' just get so excited about passing on there skills,lessons, wisdom to their son's. It isn't fun when they find out that these young men have a desire of their own! Yup, we've done that too.

    I think that's when Carl looks the saddest. Poor men....
    You just have to love them both for it.
    Baby, work baby...I know that too well. Your the perfect one for it, I remember watching you deligate things at home, and you always were productive too, even without the kids. It just takes longer when your alone,hu?

    Well, I tried to contact you, but missed you. I'm on my way out today, so I guess we'll play catch up later.

    Love You !


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