Thursday, March 1, 2007

our night

Let me tell you about our night. We are sleeping, it is 4:30am and I suddenly awake, to what? The Warning Siren for tornadoes! I wake Sam up and we go get the kids so that we can get into the basement. The whole time he is telling everyone to stay calm. Each child grabs their blanket and pillow and goes downstairs. Then it dawns on them, as they are waking up that the animals are still upstairs. Alex runs up for the ferret, Joey grabs Jabbers the rat- and Maria tries to look for Grabielle the cat, which she thought was in the garage but was actually outside. She got upset thinking something might happen to him out there. I told her he is safe and would be fine!

We are all downstairs hearing the siren, waiting to see what would happen next. I guess the dog had to go to the bathroom, and decided to go in the corner which stank up the whole room. Maria starts gagging, trying to pick the mess up. All the boys have their blankets over their nose, as do I and we are all giggling at the ridiculous sight we were sure we all were.
Noah had NO clue what was happening, all he knew he was awake before it was time to get up and it was a good time to play and talk. We stayed downstairs till 5:45am then I was ready to go back to my own bed. The kids at that point were wide awake so they watched a movie.

What fun it was...(haha)


  1. Wow!
    So this proves you don't have to leave your own back yard to have some excitement. Was there a tornado reported? I've never experianced tornadoes but for some reason I dream about them all the time. Poor Maria! Just tell her it was good training for motherhood.

  2. Sounds scary to me! Glad nothing bad happened. :-)


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