Tuesday, April 3, 2007

much needed update

Well Noah had his surgery. And I could tell that there were many who prayed because he did not complain or cry that he had not eaten. In fact he was smiling at all the nurses and was so pleasant. The surgery did not last more than 30 minutes. The surgeon came out to let us know how he did, and stated that as they were putting him to sleep he was smiling at everyone. Waking up was a bit difficult. He was not happy, nor did he like the fact his hand was boarded down. That was his only bout of screaming. After they took the IV out, and unboarded his hands he seemed to calm down enough to fall back to sleep and eat a little bit. He has done great- the first day home all he did was sleep. I expected lots of tears of pain, and uncomfort, but he has done wonderful and is his nomral happy self.


  1. Praise the Lord!
    He is faithful....always!
    How is mama doing? Better now that this is over? Give the little one a hug and kiss, and to all the kiddies too!

  2. It was great speaking to you last night, of course today I couldn't log in with the login name or password; I'm trying to reset it right now. Remember what I told you about the computer?

    I;m going to try to email you from the new address, see if it works!
    Love you! God Bless you...

  3. So glad Noah had no complications! He looked so cute with his lip out, when they brought him back.
    He did not like that arm board did he :)
    God is Faithful!!!

  4. Hey you are due for an update.
    I love reading your thoughts, since I dont get to talk to you very often.
    See you Sunday.


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