Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wow what a day

It was a very quiet day full of things that had to get done. But one of those days that you feel like you got nothing done. Like I have a HUGE pile of laundry that did not get hardly touched from being gone some of the day Saturday, all day Sunday and some of the day Monday. So needless to say it is still in there. I did get to the grocery shopping, and then I took Joey, and Sammy to soccer. Praise the Lord this is our last week for the summer. I am looking forward to the break. We need it, my van needs it. The gas prices alone are killing us.

Thank you Lord for day of peace, may we glorify you in all that we do!

I love you Lord!

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  1. Isn't life wonderful? I really like the photo you put up of the family. I sure miss the Sellers' children. Everyone is so big now!
    Even the baby has grown so much, what a beautiful baby you have! May the bless you richly.


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