Thursday, June 21, 2007


Someone asked me about Maria- Our princess- I forgot to mention her in my last blog so here she is. She is growing like a weed into a beautiful young lady. She is Noah's little mother. He loves her so much!!

She seems to get distracted with Honor is around. She does so much better when she is not. She has been very helpful with dinner lately. (praise the Lord) since we have had a soccer camp for Joey. Next week is her soccer camp- which she is excited about. She gets to see her teammates.(it is an all girls team and they play other girls)

That is about it- she stays busy telling all the boys what to do and helping me out. (ha-ha)

God bless

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  1. Wow! look at those two. Yes, I can see Maria is "growing like a weed." Praise the Lord, she's getting her training from a God fearing mother.

    Send Maria my love, I remember when we were at Huffman and she would come to the kitchen to try and help me. I hated that kitchen, it was so.....small.

    Ha,...what I would give to be there again (smile, smile).

    we are doing very well over here; praise the Lord for his love and mercy. God is truly good!

    With love for the Seller's family,


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