Friday, July 6, 2007

time is flying....

And I can not seem to keep up with it all. Between taking care of the daily chores, the baby, and trying to fit in some of things I love to do-photos, and sewing I have a very full day. Everyone stays busy, and is enjoying their summer. Though it will be over before we know it since we start school back up in August!

We had a wonderful holiday weekend. Mr and Mrs. Sellers came to visit. It was a great visit. We fellowshipped, we even did a bible study one day, they took the kids to see a movie, we enjoyed every second we had.

On the fourth we marched in the Marshfield Parade which was fun for all of us(though it was so hot!) Sam dressed up like Uncle Sam, and so did one of the Elders. The children handed out over 3000 tracks to the crowd.Noah rode in the wagon with Liberty while Melissa pulled. He was such a good baby. He does tolerate alot.

He even napped in that wagon!

The day was full after the parade we went back to the church for lunch then from their we went to the Bakers house for some rest and then back to the church for the 4th of July picnic and fireworks that night. We headed home about 10:00 pm and were we EXHAUSTED!!!

I do hope those of you who read my blog had a wonderful holiday. May our Lord continue to bless you, guide you and protect you!!

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  1. I just loved the contest!! I feel so homesick for the Sellers family! Your video make me want to cry....

    and I still want your baby...he's young enough that he'll think I'm his mama (after all the crying stops for you)and then you can have another one. Right.....? Okay...then just keep the videos coming..

    We didn't have a forth of July.
    Nethaniel was hospitalized with Dengue fever. He's home but, still ill. It mostly attacked his lungs, he had a high fever for 7 days straight, holding consistenly at 102.9F
    Yes, I was very worried. He's better but, not well.

    We are waiting on the internet installation...things work V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W over here.
    Be patient...we will talk as soon as it is up!!

    Love you my dear sister!


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