Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Samuel and Paul left ....

last week and i have been meaning to get on here and share some of my thoughts but my days have just been full of trying to manage the house alone and at night I am just so exhausted that I do not feel like getting on the computer for anything. I stay busy trying to exhaust myself during the day in hopes that at night I will actually sleep but sleep has been a limited thing for me. It is amazing how the Lord actually makes you one when you are married, because when that other person is gone, sleep becomes impossible, and trust me I do not have problems sleeping normally when he is here.

Samuel and Paul- well communication has been very limited since but the few times we have spoken, Sam has shared of the desperation of the people of Nicaragua. How the government of Spain control all the utilities so they play games with the people to show them who is still in control, since Nicaragua chose to seperate themselves from Spain. The jobs are so scarce their leaving it impossible for the men to provide for the people. Of course soil their is rich so Sam was shocked that people have not come in to teach them how to farm and harvest their own food. When he asked he heard- seed is too much. Makes you wonder- alot of ministries come in and help but never teach or disciple. (sound familiar?) it is an epidemic in America-let's lending a helping hand, lets even give hand outs, but lets make the people dependent instead of independent. I hope to have some inserts from Sam's and Paul's journals of their trip and photos- so look for it in the near future.

I am so proud of Alex, his father pulled him aside and said you will be the man of the house while I am gone and I expect you to do all that I do to keep this family safe. He has taken that talk seriously and does everything to make sure all secure at night, and keeps his younger brothers on task during the day of the things that they need to get done. What a blessing he has been to me in these past few days.
Well that is it- that is what is new here- how are all of you?

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  1. Wow! what a report. I thought they were'nt leaving until Late August? I know how it feels to be home alone, I'll keep you in prayer. Love You!
    Celina Henderson


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