Saturday, September 22, 2007

This week was crazy

As each day passes I often feel like I am trying to stay a float to all the things I need to accomplish. I am trying so hard to build a photography business, be a helpmeet to my beloved, whom is also building a business, maintain our homeschooling, keep house, and also take the children to soccer. There are just not enough hours in one day! I did not even mention the fact that I am trying to create a website as well. (ugh-ha-ha)
Most of all through all these things I have realized what I need most of all is time with my Lord. I need to be in His Word. (which I seem to struggle with) I need accountability, I need someone in my life who will not only guide me, or help me to be accountability but whom will share their word with me. At this moment I do not have that person in my life, so that is my deepest prayer, for the Lord to lead me in His Word, and that He will bring that Disciple in to my life!
I desire more depth within myself! Help Me Father...

Monday, September 17, 2007

10 months old

It is amazing to me that he is 10 months. It seems like yesterday that I yearned for this little one and so soon He will be One. Where did the time go? Is there any way I can slow down the clock or even stop it so he does not grow too fast or at all?

His accomplishments are amazing to us. He says Amen, mama, Dada, Uh oh, nigh nigh, and he signs in sign language-milk. He walks around using all the future to hold him up. Too soon he will be running around this house. I just want him to slow down! ;-)

He is truly a gift from heaven, one that I can not thank the Lord enough for. (they all are) But to all of us he is so very special, and precious. (not just me) I do wish you could see the children with him. They all truly love him. Sammy is anxious for him to get older so he can show him how to play soccer. Though I do think this one already knows!! Joey is anxious to have a little playmate. Paul can not wait for him to be able to hang out with him. Alex just loves holding him and Sissy is the best big sister, and second mother.

Here is his 10 month photo:
Isn't He just the cutest.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

you can not do everything right...

Have you ever just been so lost in what you are doing that you totally lose track of time, then in comes your husband from his day. Dinner is not started or even thought of( meat is frozen) kids have to go to soccer, and you look at your watch-which has decided to stop working. So the evening begins with a frustrated husband who is hungry and is growling like a bear would. Well that was me- it just reminded on how much I HATE MONDAYS- it is so hard to begin the routine all over again. My routine for the weekend is totally different from my week day routine. See when hubby is home though I love having here, he tends to want things to run totally different then I do and since he is lord of the home, his way goes. So when we return to our week, it is back to business mom's way, and schooling. (ugh Mondays)

Now on to Tuesday- hopefully much more organized, and better for Dad!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Finding rest

In this day and age rest is a foreign word to all of us. We seek it in front of the Tv, we seek it in escaping to a place, we seek it in so many worldly things, but it is not there. True rest only comes in the Lord, in knowing him, praying and reading. He gives us rest.

Currently I am reading through Elizabeth George's book "Powerful Promises For Every Woman" She directs the book out of Psalm 23. The Psalm full of promises to us from our Lord. One of the things that He promises is rest- "He makes me lie down in green pastures,he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul..." only the Lord leads us to a place of rest, one where we can lie down with him and see what it is he would have us see!

May you find rest today in Our Lord Jesus!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

So many changes

As this week ends- I know God has lots of changes for us. Samuel and Paul, as of next Wensday, do not have a job. Another company does not have the finances to keep going. Where is this world coming to? The economy is bad, the food and fuel costs are going up while salaries stay the same. The unemployment rate is increasing, and families are losing their homes. I am scared, not scared for myself, or my family because the Lord always provides. But scared for all of those who are lost and have no hope like I do. I am scared for them. May they turn to the Lord, and find the only hope that never goes away!!

This week- has been busy, I have recovered from being sick to have a little one get sick right after me. This was so much harder on Little Noah- his bowels is what bothered him and his tender skin could not take it, which resulted in him screaming. Oh how he rips my heart out when he cries. Thank you Lord for the Love I have for my children. It is a gift from you. Guide with your words, and your spirit to be the Mother you would have me be.
I love you Lord!

It is amazing to me how much Our Noah is growing- He now says, Amen, Night Night, Mama,Dada- On Sept 13 he will 10 months- and growing FAST. oh Lord how I wish I could slow the clock down a little to devour each sec of newness and discovery he goes through... But that is not reality!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I often wonder where the times goes in one day. It just seems to fly by and you stand there at the end of the day going, gosh I still have this, this, this and this to do. Lord if only you could give me more time. I desire the time to spend in prayer with you, I desire the time to read and understand your word. I desire Your presence and to know you are their but I am grateful for the times you give me,the time with children ,schooling, the baby watching him laugh, Play and learn.

Currently he is watching Steve Green's Hide Them in Your Heart Dvd and laughing with it as He sings God loves a cheerful giver. Wish you could see it. Speaking of baby-Noah will be 10 months this month. TEN MONTHS- unbelievable!!! My baby is so big. He is so sweet and I love watching him learn!! Everything is so new through his little eyes. He adores his brothers and sister, that is the neatest thing to watch. He sometimes will ask for them over me!

Soccer begins here this week- so speaking of time, the time will be even less then now!
How have you all been? Looking forwarded to hearing from you!


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