Saturday, September 22, 2007

This week was crazy

As each day passes I often feel like I am trying to stay a float to all the things I need to accomplish. I am trying so hard to build a photography business, be a helpmeet to my beloved, whom is also building a business, maintain our homeschooling, keep house, and also take the children to soccer. There are just not enough hours in one day! I did not even mention the fact that I am trying to create a website as well. (ugh-ha-ha)
Most of all through all these things I have realized what I need most of all is time with my Lord. I need to be in His Word. (which I seem to struggle with) I need accountability, I need someone in my life who will not only guide me, or help me to be accountability but whom will share their word with me. At this moment I do not have that person in my life, so that is my deepest prayer, for the Lord to lead me in His Word, and that He will bring that Disciple in to my life!
I desire more depth within myself! Help Me Father...

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