Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I often wonder where the times goes in one day. It just seems to fly by and you stand there at the end of the day going, gosh I still have this, this, this and this to do. Lord if only you could give me more time. I desire the time to spend in prayer with you, I desire the time to read and understand your word. I desire Your presence and to know you are their but I am grateful for the times you give me,the time with children ,schooling, the baby watching him laugh, Play and learn.

Currently he is watching Steve Green's Hide Them in Your Heart Dvd and laughing with it as He sings God loves a cheerful giver. Wish you could see it. Speaking of baby-Noah will be 10 months this month. TEN MONTHS- unbelievable!!! My baby is so big. He is so sweet and I love watching him learn!! Everything is so new through his little eyes. He adores his brothers and sister, that is the neatest thing to watch. He sometimes will ask for them over me!

Soccer begins here this week- so speaking of time, the time will be even less then now!
How have you all been? Looking forwarded to hearing from you!

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