Tuesday, September 11, 2007

you can not do everything right...

Have you ever just been so lost in what you are doing that you totally lose track of time, then in comes your husband from his day. Dinner is not started or even thought of( meat is frozen) kids have to go to soccer, and you look at your watch-which has decided to stop working. So the evening begins with a frustrated husband who is hungry and is growling like a bear would. Well that was me- it just reminded on how much I HATE MONDAYS- it is so hard to begin the routine all over again. My routine for the weekend is totally different from my week day routine. See when hubby is home though I love having here, he tends to want things to run totally different then I do and since he is lord of the home, his way goes. So when we return to our week, it is back to business mom's way, and schooling. (ugh Mondays)

Now on to Tuesday- hopefully much more organized, and better for Dad!

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