Friday, October 12, 2007

My weeks...

have been completely consumed by schooling, photo shoots, laundry, soccer, laundry, soccer, cleaning, laundry, soccer, and taking care of my sick baby, did I mention laundry and soccer?

Yes that is - that has been my life. We went to family camp at Maranatha Baptist Church- that was awesome. We had such a great time, and was so fed spiritually. We came home, and Joe Paul Sellers stuck around for the week. He has been such a blessing! Getting all the honey do things done that my beloved just does not have time for!! He is still here actually-spending time with his brother and helping him with work he needs to finish for Sellers & Sons.

As for myself- well- I have been feeling a bit lonely. It is so hard to say that, when people think, how can you be lonely when you have 6 children in the house. You can not talk to children about matters of the heart. My beloved has been consumed with providing and his brother, which leaves me on stand still. To think next week Sam and I will celebrate 15 years of marriage. Wow! It does not seem that long then at times it seems longer(haha)

That is life- nothing exciting to write about. Praise the Lord!

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  1. I know what you mean about lonely, I often ask myself how can I feel this way when I am so crazy busy. Ah but I do. The Lord has been so good to remind me of His promise that he is always closer than a brother! My quiet time this week has been awesome. I would love to share with you one day soon.
    Have a nice weekend see ya Sunday


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