Saturday, October 20, 2007

This week...

buzzed by with each day filled with the same routines. If I ever had to give an account of what I did every day honestly I would never remember.

Let's see- Monday-we schooled and stayed home because we had not soccer. Tuesday was schooling, and a soccer practice night, Wensday-I know what I did that day, schooling, and I had my biggest sports photo shoot yet. It was great. It was also my 15th year anniversary. Yes I said 15- can you believe it? I think about and think, has it really been 15 years. Wow- time flies. Other times I think 15 years that is it? Boy it sure does feel like longer. (haha) My beloved graces me with a beautiful dinner. What I enjoyed the most was his time! Being able to look in his face, hold his hand and converse with him without any interruptions from teenagers!
For those of you who have teenagers understand their need to talk, for those of you who do not, well time will show you! -moving on to trying to recall-Thursday was schooling, and a soccer night, but the sudden storm in Springfield cancelled all that-trust me dad and I were not complaining.(haha)
Friday-No schooling-we do not school fridays. Maria,Sammy,Joseph ,Noah and I decided to try out Christian County library. It is so much smaller then the one we normally go to, but it is not as busy. Sammy treated us to lunch,and we went to Lawerance's (photo store) for pricing and home again.
Not too bad for an "old lady" as my children say...

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