Friday, November 30, 2007

Where God leads we will follow...

Wow to think so much has changed in just a week. We are moving again... yes again! It is unbelieveable to me... when I was young I use to look at the moves as an adventure. New place, new faces, new relationships, new church, but as I get older I do not see it that way. It hurts to leave- it hurts to think that a place we called home, will be a different place. What does the old saying-say- Home is where the heart it is. My heart has been left in various places! The hardest move was the move from Pennsylvania to Missouri because I had to leave my mom. I could not take her crying, and seeing her heart breaking over me leaving. But whatever God's will was-we know that where he leads we will follow.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Phillipines Typhoon...please pray-Letter from Carl

Dear prayer partners and friends

Please pray about the following items.

-Typhoon Mitag is pounding us already. Supposedly it was two typhoons which joined together as one big slow moving typhoon. We are supposed to be in its way for the next five days and it has already arrived with a fury. Please keep us in your prayers. Pray that it does not park over us and dump rain and subject us to high winds here on the northern part of Luzon Island. This typhoon has over 100 mile an hour winds, which is a disaster for poor people in the Philippines who do not have strong or secure homes. Lord willing our home is secure but we could end up without electricity, water and the ability to get around, etc.. for long periods of time. We do not want this to delay Celina's and the boys return.

-Also pray for us as we have some very important ministry decisions to make which could change the future of our ministry in the Philippines. Pray for us to have wisdom and stay in the center of God's will! We do not want to miss opportunities nor do we want to take on anything that will distract or hinder our ministry or family relations.

-Pray for Celina's return to the Philippines. After her stay in the states it must feel a little bit like volunteering to go back to an episode of Survivor. She is courageous and a fighter but it is always much harder on her than for us men. Pray for her to have God's grace to strengthen and protect her. Pray for our family to flourish!

-Also pray about the terrorist activities in the Philippines, we have been subject to a whole series of bombing attacks in Manila (killing congressmen and going off in shoping malls, etc.) and of course the troubles with Abu Siyaf (jihadist) in the south and New Peoples Army (communist guerrillas) all over. The Philippine's Army has stopped all offensive operations against these elements until this typhoon passes in order to have troops for relief and rescue operations. This of course will allow many dissidents to escape and resurface in other places.

We know the Lord loves this country, we have seen Him pouring out His Spirit on this nation, and we trust that He is working it all together for good but please keep us and this country in your prayers!

Thank you in advance!

In Christ service,
Pastor Carl Henderson
MOR - Mission of Reconciliation

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We are in Texas

We arrived in Texas on Saturday-pretty late in the evening. I can not say the trip was a pleasant one. Often times do you wonder what people are thinking when they get behind the wheel, they have no idea where they are going, and how to get there, but yet they are driving. Nor did they make any preparations to be sure they knew where they are going.... just makes you go hmmmm???

So what have we been doing since we arrived- Nothing... We arrived Saturday ate dinner-the guys watched some fighting thing, while Val and I chatted which was so nice. 
Sunday we stayed here and churched here. It was a blessing.
 Monday- was an adventure. The water pump went out for the well, so everyone showered but me. We had dishes to do and clothes to wash. Grandpa Sellers came to the rescue with that later in the afternoon. We visited Steve and Melissa's house for a few hours, then came home to eat. (exciting huh??)

That's it- it is now tuesday looks like a similar day as yesterday.....

Friday, November 16, 2007

Noah Turned one on Tuesday

Noah turned one on tuesday and I meant all week to blog about him and post a photo that we took of him on that day. It has been a busy week. We schooled that day and celebrated with a small family gathering to wish our precious gift from heaven a happy birthday. He loved the attention and truly was not sure why were singing. He did not cry, he just looked around at all the people gathered, and when he noticed we said his name he looked around even more with a smile on his face. it was so sweet. Someday soon I will post a video of it.

But here is the site to his birthday pictures:
May our Lord continue to bless this joy he has given us. May He lead us in raising him according to the Word, and bring him closer to the Lord.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Another year goes by!

It amazes me that another year has gone by. Often time you look back at the previous year and all the things that have occurred during the previous year- the biggest event was the birth of our Noah Ben-Judah Sellers. He came as a late birthday present to his mom. What a present he has been to all of us. He brings joy unmeasurable to all of us. We are so blessed to have him and know he is truly a gift from heaven. Those blessings are unmeasurable but can only be given by the Lord.

I have tried to spend my time thinking of the blessings in my life and not the changes that have occurred in the home. I truly thought that I would be in a different place at this age. Not necessarily wealthy, but not quite in a position where I feel like my life is starting all over again. I invisioned us in our home, one where the children will always return to when they are grown. (is that a romantic notion?) More security financially- I know that alot of our financial issues is our own irresponsibility and may our Lord forgive us, guide us and give us wisdom in that area.
Forgive me Lord for complaining,when you look around and have health,food, and a roof over your head.

I pray that when I look back next year the changes that are occurring will all be to the glory of GOD....

Monday, November 5, 2007

Change in the air

Well it is a season for change. We are finally on break from soccer- for a few days anyway- we will be doing some indoor- but it is not as consuming as outdoor- In the meantime- we are trying to make some serious changes- spiritual ones.
Sam did a talk last night that was so convicting. It was a basic talk- one that was not uncommon to me, but it was nice to refresh the thoughts in my mind and heart. It was about being a Christian and whether we "know" Christ. What is first in our hearts, and lives? Boy it made you think. I know it made some of the children think.
Lord grow us closer to you so that we may do your will in our lives!~

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Noah is officially walking around!

Here is video of Noah walking. He started walking around the room yesterday- Oct 31st. Today on November 1st I video taped him walking. It is so cute because he knows he is doing something special with the reaction he gets from all of us! It is fantastic to watch!


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