Monday, November 12, 2007

Another year goes by!

It amazes me that another year has gone by. Often time you look back at the previous year and all the things that have occurred during the previous year- the biggest event was the birth of our Noah Ben-Judah Sellers. He came as a late birthday present to his mom. What a present he has been to all of us. He brings joy unmeasurable to all of us. We are so blessed to have him and know he is truly a gift from heaven. Those blessings are unmeasurable but can only be given by the Lord.

I have tried to spend my time thinking of the blessings in my life and not the changes that have occurred in the home. I truly thought that I would be in a different place at this age. Not necessarily wealthy, but not quite in a position where I feel like my life is starting all over again. I invisioned us in our home, one where the children will always return to when they are grown. (is that a romantic notion?) More security financially- I know that alot of our financial issues is our own irresponsibility and may our Lord forgive us, guide us and give us wisdom in that area.
Forgive me Lord for complaining,when you look around and have health,food, and a roof over your head.

I pray that when I look back next year the changes that are occurring will all be to the glory of GOD....

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