Thursday, December 27, 2007

A New Year

As we prepare to move, I feel like our life is at a stand still. Not moving till after the new year, post poning everything. It is not easy to do. Other times- we would have packed and taken off- to start over, in the new place. The feeling of hurry up and wait. I wonder what this year will be like, will we have the struggles we have had for the past 6 years, or will we see change. Will the Lord bless us with the ability to bless others?
Will we ever have our own house?
A decent car that actually fits all of us?
Will we ever see a time in our lives that things just do not seem so hard?
Do we deserve it.. That is the question. I do not feel like I live my life as I should. I am not as faithful to the Lord as I should be. the time I should spend with Him, and in the Word, seems so fleeting. Lord- the only thing I want in this new year- is to be closer to you. To know your Word!

Thank you Lord for providing-for loving us, to send your Son, though I do not deserve it, thank you most of all for your grace!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

He is home!!!

Samuel is home- he arrived Dec. 22- It was the biggest surprise to the children. They had no idea he was coming. We had a soccer game that morning for Joey-
I had unlocked the back door- and he hid his car in the back behind the little barn. He walked up the side and to the back door. The whole time we were all in the kitchen. When he spoke, and open the laundry room door, all the kids jumped. Maria screamed, and they all bum rushed him. I have never seen them so happy to see him. They all held him tight and held him for a long time. The baby-Noah was unsure at first- but that did not last long. Once he realized who he was- he did not let him go. He held him tight-kissed him over and over. Saying-dada,dada- it broke my heart to know that he missed him so much and could not tell me how much he missed him!!

Of course- I was very happy to see him. It felt like our family was whole again!!
I woke up the next morning making sure it was not a dream- looking for him. There he was peacefully sleeping with his baby cuddled up next to him.

I pray all of you had a very Merry Christmas- I got my best Christmas present- the return of my beloved.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

2 weeks...

We (being the children and I)realized yesterday that it has only been two weeks since Dad has left. If has been the longest 2 weeks for all of us. We have stayed busy, but with Sam/dad not here to break the "routine" each day runs into the next. Each day just seems to drag on forever- without there seeming and end to the day.

We have another 2 weeks to go before Sam/dad returns to pack us up which seems like forever away!!

Winter has officially started here! Ice,rain and ice with cloudy days have been the forecast for our area. I will sure be glad when the sun decides to reappear!

Sunday, December 9, 2007


isn't it amazing how the weather works. IT is cold, rainy with some freezing rain here in Missouri and in Texas where Sam is at it is 80 degrees. 80 in december- can you imagine??

It just amazes me how God works all that- that 10 hours away(by car) the weather is warm and sunny.

It has been a week since Sam has been gone. It is really affecting Joey- He cried himself to sleep last night because he misses his dad so much. It has hard on children to deal with that heartache. The missing piece of the family. I can not imagine what children go through when their parents seperate.- The ache must never go away.
Lord help us realize how we affect our children in the decisions we make in our lives.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Box overload...

Since my last post, I have finished the storage area, the basement/school room with all the books and desks, some of the unnecessaries in the kitchen, unnecessaries in the bathroom- and I am definitely on box overload!

The kids have finally kicked in and has blessed me tremendously with trying to stayed focused on our task. Of course the hardest thing for them is sticking around till the end.

The baby is getting better- he was so sick my little man. The first time ever- his little nose is red and sore but he is such a trooper dealing with all the changes, boxes and what seems like chaos.

When I look around and see Christmas all around us, it still has not sunken in. It just does not seem like Christmas... I guess because we are not really celebrating it. We did not put out decorations up nor will we have a tree.

This is a year (2008) of changes, and I am ready to see where God leads!

Stayed tuned!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The stress just seems to be overwhelming

My days are so full not only with packing, but we have been back and forth to the doctor because Noah is ill. They say it is a form of bronchitis, so he has been put on an antibiotic. He is so pitiful. His cry is sick sounding. He has a constant runny nose and of course needs alot of attention from me. In the meantime, the packing needs to be done and the other children,whom you would think would be pros at packing, I am constantly yelling at to help.

I know why God intended for "man" not to be alone, and vice versa. I do not see myself as a weak person, but there are times when I can not carry the "house"/ Carry the weight of it all. I know it is not Sam's desire for me to do this alone. He wants to be here to help me. But I also know he has to provide, and take care of us for the next few weeks. Being alone makes me feel weak. Makes me feel like I am not as strong as I should be. Then I burden my poor husband with my words, and complaining.

Forgive me! That is not what I want to do to him, because he feels helpless, and then feels like he needs to be here. I guess I just have to stop being a whimp and buck up and just try to deal with it all.

Pray for me!
God bless you all

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Beloved

Today is my beloved's birthday.. He turns 36 years young, and is as handsome today as he was when I met him. Unfortunately he is not here for me to shower with kisses, hugs, and tons of attention for his birthday gift. He is now in Houston, preparing the way for all of us to follow. I can not believe we have come full circle, and I know this month will be a challenge for both of us. I know not one greater than we can handle. I pray The Lord is with us both, helping us through this most difficult time. May you be glorified in all we Do!!
I love you my beloved and happy Birthday!


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