Friday, December 7, 2007

Box overload...

Since my last post, I have finished the storage area, the basement/school room with all the books and desks, some of the unnecessaries in the kitchen, unnecessaries in the bathroom- and I am definitely on box overload!

The kids have finally kicked in and has blessed me tremendously with trying to stayed focused on our task. Of course the hardest thing for them is sticking around till the end.

The baby is getting better- he was so sick my little man. The first time ever- his little nose is red and sore but he is such a trooper dealing with all the changes, boxes and what seems like chaos.

When I look around and see Christmas all around us, it still has not sunken in. It just does not seem like Christmas... I guess because we are not really celebrating it. We did not put out decorations up nor will we have a tree.

This is a year (2008) of changes, and I am ready to see where God leads!

Stayed tuned!!!!

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