Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Beloved

Today is my beloved's birthday.. He turns 36 years young, and is as handsome today as he was when I met him. Unfortunately he is not here for me to shower with kisses, hugs, and tons of attention for his birthday gift. He is now in Houston, preparing the way for all of us to follow. I can not believe we have come full circle, and I know this month will be a challenge for both of us. I know not one greater than we can handle. I pray The Lord is with us both, helping us through this most difficult time. May you be glorified in all we Do!!
I love you my beloved and happy Birthday!

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  1. Thanj you my Bride for your kind words. The Lord is most certainly with us and I pray that we both see and feel His ultimate grace working in our lives. Thank you Lord for my P31 bride.
    Forever Yours Faithfully,
    Your Beloved - Sam


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