Thursday, December 6, 2007

The stress just seems to be overwhelming

My days are so full not only with packing, but we have been back and forth to the doctor because Noah is ill. They say it is a form of bronchitis, so he has been put on an antibiotic. He is so pitiful. His cry is sick sounding. He has a constant runny nose and of course needs alot of attention from me. In the meantime, the packing needs to be done and the other children,whom you would think would be pros at packing, I am constantly yelling at to help.

I know why God intended for "man" not to be alone, and vice versa. I do not see myself as a weak person, but there are times when I can not carry the "house"/ Carry the weight of it all. I know it is not Sam's desire for me to do this alone. He wants to be here to help me. But I also know he has to provide, and take care of us for the next few weeks. Being alone makes me feel weak. Makes me feel like I am not as strong as I should be. Then I burden my poor husband with my words, and complaining.

Forgive me! That is not what I want to do to him, because he feels helpless, and then feels like he needs to be here. I guess I just have to stop being a whimp and buck up and just try to deal with it all.

Pray for me!
God bless you all

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