Sunday, December 9, 2007


isn't it amazing how the weather works. IT is cold, rainy with some freezing rain here in Missouri and in Texas where Sam is at it is 80 degrees. 80 in december- can you imagine??

It just amazes me how God works all that- that 10 hours away(by car) the weather is warm and sunny.

It has been a week since Sam has been gone. It is really affecting Joey- He cried himself to sleep last night because he misses his dad so much. It has hard on children to deal with that heartache. The missing piece of the family. I can not imagine what children go through when their parents seperate.- The ache must never go away.
Lord help us realize how we affect our children in the decisions we make in our lives.

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  1. I know how helpless it feels to be a parent that can't stop the pain our children are feeling. I read this entry and cried (I'm at work), because I know how my children feel with their daddy apart from us. Having grown up with this curse myself, I know it doesn't go away when you get older. But Praise God Sams time away was only temporary. Cherish every moment, take none for granted.


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