Friday, January 18, 2008

where the Lord leads I will follow....

the week went a bit faster- with schooling, grading, and trying to adjust to Texas- the week has gone faster. Not because the hurt has gone away but because I have had to draw closer to the Lord. Seek His face in all things. My prayer is that He will show me why? That He will guide us through- Samuel has been so consumed by work that bible time is so few and far in between. Keeping His family fed I guess is his only priority right now. He has started praying over me, not with me, but over me as I sleep before he leaves for work. I am in half conscious state when he does it. I hear some of his words, not all of them though.

I started a bible study this week with a wonderful group of Ladies- I am very excited about it. I am looking forward to seeing the work that the Lord will do in me and in my life.

We started with the Psalm 120- the first psalm in our piligrimage- to ascend closer to the Lord.
I am on a piligrimage through life at this moment- I need to reach further, stretch hard to see the top- to see Christ!

At the end of my time with the Lord in the study- I was to write my own "psalm 120" per say- Here is mine:

In my heartache I cry out to you my God and You heard me
Show me the way-Oh Lord, to deal with the tongues and lies of those around me
How Shall I deal? What should I do? Or what will You do to protect me?
You are might and I know with one swift motion you can freeze their words.
Woe is me- That I am here in this place AGAIN around these people-WHY?
I have been here with them who do not love unconditionally, who hate peace.
I seek to love them Lord, I seek peace but when I speak they attack.

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  1. angie,
    Good for you!! I"m so glad to hear about your bible study. Keep pressing through, and when you are to the word.

    I'll be posting today...finally.


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