Friday, February 29, 2008

I finally did it

After all these years of having the natural long curly hair, I did it. I finally had it straighten and then cut completely off. It was so much work to maintain that long hair. I just woke up the other day saying, I am done, I am sick of this hair, and the look. It is gone. I feel I lost like 20 pounds off the top of my head.

So I am eager to hear from all of you out there of what you think? Especially my dear friend in the Philippines.

Love - Me

Friday, February 22, 2008

February 22 and counting

I can not believe that we are heading into our LAST week in the month of "love". How quickly it went by- in a blink of an eye.

This week, we started a new school schedule. I spent WAY too much time being behind and was so sick of having to push the children in what needed to be done each minute and second, so the schedule is up and so was the list of all the consequences if the list was not honored. It has worked out beautiful. Yes I need a schedule if I do not have one, then NOTHING gets done. Why? Because I am lazy.(haha- not really just have to much to do)

I am so glad it is Friday though- the end of the week, no schedule tomorrow. Though we do have soccer! Joseph is in a tournament- so I will be fun to be outside all day. Watching Joey do his stuff. Paul and Sam will be working-refereeing, close by though. I love being outside, sitting in my chair with my camera in hand taking pictures of the action.

You know I wanted to share what I witnessed today. The immorality and lack of conscious. We stopped on the way home from grocery shopping at the Library. My children love the library, they love to read, and tend to need to go more then once a week. Anyway- we stopped and baby had fallen asleep so I decided to sit in the van because I was talking on the phone. While sitting there directly in front of me sat these two teenagers, a boy and girl, on this park bench. These two spent the WHOLE time kissing. If you call that kissing, it was so much more than just kissing. They truly looked like they needed to be in a private place. They knew I was there, because both of them would glance over occasionally. The young man decided to stand up in front of this girl who then preceded to try to remove his belt to expose this young man. Praise the Lord the young man to seem to have some decency. It just was a reminder for me of what my children could be doing.

Well I pray all is well in your household... We love you and may our Lord Jesus continue to show His mercy upon you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Soccer has started

The best thing for our family is when the soccer season starts- This weekend Joey had a tournament. It was great. He did not get to play his position of keeper but he played a Defense position. He actually started off as midfielder, not his strongest position. He asked to be put in defense which made a big difference on the field. He is always so awesome to watch. My favorite is to watch him in Goalie but the coach can not seem to bring his son out of the position. (who seems to not like the position) We were all so exhausted because Saturday we go up at 5am to be out in Sugar Land by 7 for a game that starts at 8 am. We then did not have another game till 5pm. ugh... it was a long Saturday to turn around and have a game on Sunday- The weather was gorgeous 75-80 degrees. Yes for all of you that are freezing, we are having 80 degree weather here in Texas!
Monday was so hard to even do anything because I was so exhausted. I am behind on everything! I hate starting my week out that way, but I was not here all weekend.

The Lord continues to work through my bible study. I love it, if any of you get an opportunity to do a Beth Moore study do it- it is such a blessing. I do look forward to Tuesday's. The Holy Spirit nags my soul till I take the time to read each day! What a wonderful feeling!

I pray all of you are well!! I hope to hear from you soon!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

psalm 124-127

We have gone further in my bible study- with each Psalm I see more of God's grace, mercy and love for us. It is such a wonderful part of my life right now. I look forward to seeing those women but most of all I look forward to hearing Beth Moore's next lesson. The Lord definitely has perfect timing. If it was not for this bible study, I do believe I would be a mess right now because my days are long and lonely. We serve such a wonderful God!!

The children are all adjusting to Texas. Paul and Sammy have finally gotten an opportunity to referee, which Paul the happiest. Sammy is a different person, he just does not care about alot!
We have a tournament this weekend, so I am excited about that. We get to sit on the soccer field on early morning- and enjoy the beauty of the day watching my favorite sport-Soccer! That to me is a great day!

Noah is saying so much now, and doing so much now it amazes me that at 14 months. He is growing so fast, before my eyes. In some sense it saddens me because it just happens so fast, even when you savour every second or if you are too busy to notice. It happens reguardless(haha) He brings me so much joy. I can not imagine my life without him- he is my gift from the Heavenly Father... thankyou Lord!

So tell me- how are all of you out there? What has The Lord done for you lately?
May you find peace, HIS LOVE that only comes from Christ, and Joy that only comes from Christ!

Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1....

Well it is official- we have been in the state of Texas for a month... wow a month time sure does fly. You blink, good or bad, life continues to flow by.

February- the month of romance and love... haha- for a married woman- I say what is that. No just kidding. Samuel has never gotten into bringing flowers on any occassions, he does it when he feels like it not on times like Valentines or any other sweet heart day. This month my neice turns 10 years old.. awe to be young again. I remember thinking I would never be grow up. Now that I am grown I think geez to have the lack of worries in my life that children have. I would never want to be a child again though because growing up hurts(haha- can anyone relate?)

This week in my bible study we started reading Psalm 124- a great reminder that the Lord is on my side. Through all the trials I have gone through, doubts, pains, and valleys THE LORD HAS BEEN ON MY SIDE. He has shown himself worthy to be Praised. He has never left me. I have failed him, I have sinned against HIM, and yet he says I will cast it all away! What a wonderful Father I have!
What about you? Do you know that Our Lord is on your side?


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