Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1....

Well it is official- we have been in the state of Texas for a month... wow a month time sure does fly. You blink, good or bad, life continues to flow by.

February- the month of romance and love... haha- for a married woman- I say what is that. No just kidding. Samuel has never gotten into bringing flowers on any occassions, he does it when he feels like it not on times like Valentines or any other sweet heart day. This month my neice turns 10 years old.. awe to be young again. I remember thinking I would never be grow up. Now that I am grown I think geez to have the lack of worries in my life that children have. I would never want to be a child again though because growing up hurts(haha- can anyone relate?)

This week in my bible study we started reading Psalm 124- a great reminder that the Lord is on my side. Through all the trials I have gone through, doubts, pains, and valleys THE LORD HAS BEEN ON MY SIDE. He has shown himself worthy to be Praised. He has never left me. I have failed him, I have sinned against HIM, and yet he says I will cast it all away! What a wonderful Father I have!
What about you? Do you know that Our Lord is on your side?

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