Friday, February 29, 2008

I finally did it

After all these years of having the natural long curly hair, I did it. I finally had it straighten and then cut completely off. It was so much work to maintain that long hair. I just woke up the other day saying, I am done, I am sick of this hair, and the look. It is gone. I feel I lost like 20 pounds off the top of my head.

So I am eager to hear from all of you out there of what you think? Especially my dear friend in the Philippines.

Love - Me


  1. I LOVE IT!! You look so sophisticated and it really brightens up your whole face. Change is good! Loved the curls, but this look really suits you nicely!!!!

    You are a new mommy! :)

  2. We are getting used to it ;)
    you really do look like your mom :)
    miss you all.
    Give Noah a hug for me

  3. WOW!! I love it too! you look so nice, I was actually hoping to do this with you when I went to the states...I remember our conversation about hair change when I was there last.

    You look really..really..wonderful.
    I'm happy for you and your new look!

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