Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Soccer has started

The best thing for our family is when the soccer season starts- This weekend Joey had a tournament. It was great. He did not get to play his position of keeper but he played a Defense position. He actually started off as midfielder, not his strongest position. He asked to be put in defense which made a big difference on the field. He is always so awesome to watch. My favorite is to watch him in Goalie but the coach can not seem to bring his son out of the position. (who seems to not like the position) We were all so exhausted because Saturday we go up at 5am to be out in Sugar Land by 7 for a game that starts at 8 am. We then did not have another game till 5pm. ugh... it was a long Saturday to turn around and have a game on Sunday- The weather was gorgeous 75-80 degrees. Yes for all of you that are freezing, we are having 80 degree weather here in Texas!
Monday was so hard to even do anything because I was so exhausted. I am behind on everything! I hate starting my week out that way, but I was not here all weekend.

The Lord continues to work through my bible study. I love it, if any of you get an opportunity to do a Beth Moore study do it- it is such a blessing. I do look forward to Tuesday's. The Holy Spirit nags my soul till I take the time to read each day! What a wonderful feeling!

I pray all of you are well!! I hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. My Beloved Bride,
    It is wonderful to read your thoughts on here and thank you for inviting me. I am so blessed by your bible study you have been doing. It is certainly having an affect on your life. I thank our Lord Jesus for opening that opportunity for you.
    I do love you and love to watch you grow in Christ.


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