Friday, March 14, 2008

What a week.....

As a photographer this has been a nightmare of a week. I have two external hard drives that I use to store all my photographs on because photographs take alot of room on your hard drive. To Save my hard drive I bought these external hard drives. My largest one stopped working, just would not turn on, but I was not too stressed about it because everything on it I had backed up at one point, and did not put alot on recently.
The Little portable hard drive that we bought through A M Photography is where I try to put all my recent photos on there. MY life was on that drive, well needless to say it is gone. I am not sure what happened but someone broke the port from the inside that connects it to the Usb to my computer- it snapped. All my photographs are gone. Everything- I wanted to scream, cry and just through a fit but what would have been the point. It does not change the fact that all my photographs are gone! It breaks my heart !!! So needless to say I am so mad at myself for not putting them on disk!!
Lesson learned...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tae Bo

I know weird title Huh- well I have started- the grueling process of exercising. Yes I say grueling because when you are this out of shape and you start, everything hurts. It hurts to go from a sitting position to a standing position. It hurts to stand.. it hurts to move.

The goal is to get into shape so I can run after Noah. That little guy is so busy and so hard to keep up with.(ugh) So I will keep you posted on the progress and process.

The children do the Tae Bo with me so they keep me so motivated, and of course they all make me laugh when they are grunting and groaning in pain right along with me. I love my children!

Maybe pretty soon we can post a photo of all our Tae bo bodies! (haha) Yeah right..
I pray all is well with you....
Love -Me

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

what it really looks like...

Here is a better picture of what my hair really looks like. The first shot was after I got home from the beautician. You know they do your hair and you can never duplicate what they did. This is how I wear it.

I know for some of you this change came as a shock. I believe right now the Lord has me on a path of change. Change in spirit, a move the states, we are seeking a church home, and change my physical appearance. All these changes, are not to be vain but to bring simplicity to my life.

A life for some reason that has gotten really complicated. I can not even seem to stay on track when it comes to schooling. For you homeschooling Mothers out there, have you ever had those years that you never felt like you could get it together? Like you just could never get on top the of the lessons,grading or even scheduling of schooling. That is me this year. I just can not seem to get it all together, to stay on top of it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
Love -Me


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