Tuesday, March 4, 2008

what it really looks like...

Here is a better picture of what my hair really looks like. The first shot was after I got home from the beautician. You know they do your hair and you can never duplicate what they did. This is how I wear it.

I know for some of you this change came as a shock. I believe right now the Lord has me on a path of change. Change in spirit, a move the states, we are seeking a church home, and change my physical appearance. All these changes, are not to be vain but to bring simplicity to my life.

A life for some reason that has gotten really complicated. I can not even seem to stay on track when it comes to schooling. For you homeschooling Mothers out there, have you ever had those years that you never felt like you could get it together? Like you just could never get on top the of the lessons,grading or even scheduling of schooling. That is me this year. I just can not seem to get it all together, to stay on top of it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
Love -Me


  1. be patient it's just the season.
    I have a hard time schooling Joshua because I dread the tedious phonics.

    Just take breaks when you need them and go full force when your modivated. Perhaps you need a good dose of modivation from the homeschool conference ....coming up this June. It always did wonders for me.

    I like the way you fixed your hair rather than the salon. It looks fuller. Love you! can't wait too see you.


  2. Oh I really like it this way.
    No quite so librarianish.
    Much more you, so excited to show it to the girls in the morning :O)
    Have a great night
    Love you guys miss ya


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