Friday, March 14, 2008

What a week.....

As a photographer this has been a nightmare of a week. I have two external hard drives that I use to store all my photographs on because photographs take alot of room on your hard drive. To Save my hard drive I bought these external hard drives. My largest one stopped working, just would not turn on, but I was not too stressed about it because everything on it I had backed up at one point, and did not put alot on recently.
The Little portable hard drive that we bought through A M Photography is where I try to put all my recent photos on there. MY life was on that drive, well needless to say it is gone. I am not sure what happened but someone broke the port from the inside that connects it to the Usb to my computer- it snapped. All my photographs are gone. Everything- I wanted to scream, cry and just through a fit but what would have been the point. It does not change the fact that all my photographs are gone! It breaks my heart !!! So needless to say I am so mad at myself for not putting them on disk!!
Lesson learned...


  1. I can relate! It is heartbreaking! This happened to me, the day after I downloaded Jess's pictures from her first birthday. I lost everything. I was going to save them to a CD the next morning. Gone. I cried. I was SO sad. But, over time, it will pass. I promise. It still hurts when I think of the loss. But, overall those pictures will be replaced by more memories and photos. It was hard to swallow! God will help you see the bright side. ")

    I still have the hard drive, hoping that recovery services will cheapen over the years and someday I can get them off there for only $25 vs. $250-500 that is costs now. For them to just LOOK at it.

  2. Angie,
    have their been any changes in this situation with the hard-drive? I"m sorry, I can't imagine all your energy and work all gone that quick.

    Your right, no need to scream...mommies have alot to scream about, but it won't change a thing. Bless your heart...I'll pray for you....

    love Celina

  3. Are you alright down there? You haven't posted in a long time. I hope things are all well.


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