Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Sister is here

Well I have not posted in over a week because I have been so busy. Last week Noah was so sick. He had strep throat, vomitting and diaheria. He was needed, wanting to be held the whole day. It made if very hard to get anything to done. Of course he is all better now.. praise the Lord.

My sister arrived early Sunday morning while all of you were sleeping, like 3am. She drove from Nixa, MO to stay a few days with us while her husband is gone at a school through the Army. So far the visit has been wonderful. We are enjoying each other's company. Maria and Honor missed each other so terribly. They have been inseperable since she has arrived. I feel for Maria, I know she loves the female relationship, and the fact the two of them are truly two peas in a pod. They are best friends as well as cousins.

Well we are off to the zoo today with 10 children- and two adults! I am watching a friend of mine's two children. (which anyone who knows me knows I DO NOT BABYSIT) So pray for us.. will have photos up soon..
May the Lord be with you...

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