Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday(Cover to Cover)

As I began this cover to cover- I wonder what it was the Lord would have me see- I started Wednesday the 18th- What a powerful reminder to me that the Lord is my guidance- my strength, my refugee, He reigns over all things!

Also a reminder of how in the old testament- the Lord commanded Nations to be destroyed- what a humbling thought!

I often prayed while I was reading Lord- help me to see what it is you want me to see from your word, especially when I reading the old testament. 
I look forward to this week... 
God Bless


  1. Angie,

    So glad you joined in on Cover to Cover! I don't have my post up yet. I plan to do that later today when I have time.


  2. Hey Angie, we are so delighted that you joined us for cover to cover. But I must say, this past week was one of the most confusing and challenging and comforting all at the same time. It was a lot to digest. And, what we are doing is commenting on what lingers in our hearts from what we read last week. I post way more passages than most of the other women probably just cause I am hosting it. And also, Angie, I am so desperate in my own life because of a "dark night of the soul" I've gone through and still going through in some respects---so desperate for the Living Word of God to find Him and meet Him there. And, I have a little more time to spend in the Word than most people which is also a very unusual place for me. You asked what is the secret? IDK. I have no secrets. Just pretty desperate and my God is so showing up and I am alive in ways I've never been yet confused at times at what He is saying. All that to say, we'd love for you to share what lingers with you as you have read God's beautiful and confusing at times and passionate love letter to you this week? Look forward to hearing your heart for we already see humility and kindness, and a passion!


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