Saturday, June 7, 2008

My heart

Hello my siestas and familia

My heart aches with conviction and the knowledge of knowing  change must occur.
 The homeschooling conference was challenging mentally, and spiritually. It was a great reminder of the "true" reason I homeschool. Yes it is to keep my children from being influenced by ungodly, worldly things as warriors who are not equip to fight, but the Largest reason, was to set a foundation so solid in their lives, that anything else would be just sand to them.  I forgot that, along the way, I lost that. How I have, NO IDEA- but the fact is I know I lost it. It makes me stop and re-examine my priorities and the priorities I have allowed my children to set in their lives. Knowing that these priorities in NO way bring Glory to the kingdom of heaven, and it all it does is bring glory to ourselves, and our flesh- are we not required to change? If not would that not be sin? 

Part of the changes is letting go of Soccer- it grieves me deeply to think we will not be on the field watching our children play a sport that they love, and I love- but I have to ask myself,  has it become a god in our lives? Are we being good stewards of our resources, by putting so much towards this active, and knowing we can not afford it?  We can see what is happening in our economy with gas, and food prices- right? 

The fact of the matter is this is just one of many things that burden my heart tonight. But with all the things that God revealed, it is all to bring us closer to HIM and bring Glory to HIS kingdom!!

So hold on dear ones- because they may just become- a really bumpy ride!!
Love you-


  1. Angie,

    I'm sorry that you all have to make such a difficult decision. As parents we often have to make some difficult decisions to keep our family following God's will. I will be praying for you all!


  2. Angie,

    This is such a hard place to be, because it doesn't just affect you. Remember that when you let something other than God became a god it also becomes your identity. I will be praying with you over this, and asking God to release your and the kids identity from soccer. Through God's grace, wisdom, and provision you can do this. Yes it may be a really bumpy ride, but the outcome will be well worth it.

    Love ya,

  3. (((Angie))
    It is a hard thing giving up those things that are good for things that are best!
    God always wants our best.Not our leftovers.
    We have been challenged by this thought over and over in our lives.
    God is gentle as he leads us in the way.
    I can see the need for you all to let go of soccer. And I know it will be a hard thing for the children but God has something better! His promise is true, if we will put him first he will give us the desires of our hearts because when we put him first our desires become his desires!
    Our God is awesome.
    I am praying the Lord fill your home with His wisdom, and give you a place to worship and fellowship with other believers and for you to be able to be a light where you are planted.
    Missing you all


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