Monday, June 9, 2008

Our First Sunday Service

We had our first sunday service as a home church yesterday. Samuel taught on Psalm 19:7-14

Reminding us on how perfect the word of God is. That as we follow, and obey Him, he will bring joy, peace, and wisdom into our lives. As Sam was speaking- I looked up- and gasp at the site I saw out the window- which of course scared everyone in the room- outside-grazing were 4 beautiful Young Bucks- (4 point atlers) eating and slowly strolling through the yard. It was as if the Lord was tell me- I am here- and bringing a peace around our home enough to bring the animals around. IT was truly amazing!

He finished with a challenge for all us- and I thought I would pass it on to you- Psalm 94:16-17



  1. Oh I'll bet that was a beautiful sight! I'm glad you all had a great service at home. Great closing challenge!


  2. Angie,

    I sent you an email to the following address

    I was responding to you comment on the Siesta Blog where you stated that you would not be going to San Antonio.

    But I guess since you did not get it, I am not suppose to stick my spoon in your business.

    Just in case you need email is

    I am so proud of the hard choices that you all are being called to make, and how you are reacting to them.



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