Monday, July 14, 2008

back to reality

Well my sister left and now it is time to get back to "reality". Whatever that is. The lonely days way out here in no where land Texas, no friends, and definitely no family! Ask me if I am feeling sorry for myself- the answer is yes! It is always so hard to move- because you leave friends behind. This move though was my hardest ever because I was leaving my best friend behind-my sister. I love being with her! I do not have to pretend, be someone else, or just work at it, I can be me! 

 Though the longer I am here nothing changes about how I feel about being here in Texas- that is I do not want to be here. Everything is to far to get too. The people here are rude. The church is too far so we have no way of being involved and others being involved in our lives. Just a vicious cycle! 

Ok moving on- during the time that Missy was here I did alot of sewing for her- She wanted me to sew a skirt for Berty's recital, a body suite for the recital.I made Berty(the 5 year old) a dance bag. I sewed a modest bathing suite for Honor- that turned out great! And a special purse for my sister. Oh and I also crotched Berty a Ponchette- turned out adorable!
On the times we were not running around this is what I did! 
Here are some photos of my completed projects:

We did get to go to the beach one day- I loved Galveston- the water was so tremendously warm! it was great!!


  1. Angie,

    I am so sorry that you are so unhappy in Houston. I wish I had either a magic wand or pill you could wave or take, and everything would be okay. But sadly I don't. All I can do is pray and encourage you. And I feel like lately I have failed you in both. Please forgive that. You are such a wonder, kind and caring person. Please, please allow God to minister to this hurt, anger, and confusion. Keep your eyes and your heart on Him, and He will bring to you the joy of the Lord. I will be praying, if it's ok with you, that God will bring to you a female friend.

    I love you, that you so much for all your encouragement, you have touched me in ways you may never know.


  2. I"m calling you tomorrow...or should I say tonight (your time)..get your coffee or tea ready.



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