Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I am alive

Hello Dear friends, Family and my Sweet Siestas

I am still here, and I am alive. Life in our home has been crazy. Let me share:

On Friday my friend Celina- arrived to spend her last nights here in the great USA- before she headed back out to the mission field in the Philippines, where her husband is at. (We loved having them here. ) It was a crazy night- and I was sitting crocheting before bed, when my sister called- asking me what I was doing.(at 11pm) I was telling her I was getting ready for bed when she stated why don't you come and open the back door for me. YES she was standing on my back porch all the way from Springfield Missouri area! She had come down and surprised me!!! It was the best surprise ever!!! I jumped from my rocking chair and ran to the door, but of course I did not make it before all the children did. They were just as excited to see her as I was!!! (so see I do have a good excuse for my absence)

My sister will be here for two weeks. I have enjoyed having her. Monday-She helped me paint the dining which turned out Gorgeous!(which I will take a photograph of and post it) We are talking about refinishing my dining room table but we are still debating that one,since we need it to eat off, and that "project" will take a "few" days she says!

In the meantime- we have plenty of other projects to accomplish- which I will share in photos soon. 

On to other news:

This award- was given to me by a dear Sweet friend and Siesta Michelle -
She said some fabulous things about me- I was so incredibly touched(sorry Michelle it took me so long to come and get her and respond) I guess the right thing to do is to past her on.... to

Rusty's Wife- Sallye- a determined,loyal and Godly women who loves the Lord tremendously. She is not "fake" or phony- she is real. She is honest, and truly shows that though she has struggles, she is willing to admit to them, and embrace what the Lord has for her next. 
Thank you Sallye for walking with me- for sharing with me, and being such a true encouragement in my life and walk with Christ! May our Lord Jesus bless you- guide you as you seek His face in our Bible study and most of all in HIS Word- may it turn from head knowledge to heart knowledge. ;-) Love you - 

Your Siesta!!

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  1. Ang,

    I've been off the blog for a week while I was on vacation. Hope you all had a good 4th!



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