Thursday, July 24, 2008

Memorizing Scripture

Hello Siestas, Friends and Family
I have started that memorizing scripture technique and I thought I would give you a report. Thus far I have memorized all 5 of my topical references and my first scripture to go with my first reference. The technique works. For those of you that desire to memorize scripture and have always had a hard time with it, this method works. Try it for yourself.

I have not heard from some of you in a while. I pray all is well.

Life here has been very crazy and we are in need of alot of prayer. Where do I begin- first off we have come to realize that we did not discern the voice of the Holy Spirit in moving to Texas. The whole reason why we came was for a job opportunity for Samuel out of construction, working with his brother. Within a month we could see that the "opportunity" he offered was not quite panning out as he (being Sam's brother) stated. By February Samuel had to make a decision on whether to continue to work for his brother for the "training" income he was giving him, which was only paying food, and gas or go find a different job, which of course he chose the latter. He went back to construction.

The job he has now is not unfamiliar to him. In fact he is working for the same company he worked for when we lived in Texas before. The problem there is he is being taken advantage of by his supervisor/ brother. Yes another brother. His brother knows that Sam was in his position and knows all there is to know on how to do his job(his brother) So he uses Sam to do his own work, and be successful, as well as use Sam to the fullest extent without the pay. Samuel is not being paid for being a supervisor. Needless to say my husband is frustrated. He is frustrated because he was manipulated by his eldest brother to move here and now he is being taken advantage of by his other brother. He is not above working hard, he is not above doing whatever the job requires and more, but he also is not dumb, he can see when someone is using him to make themselves look good. The pay is ok- at the rate that things are increasing around us, we are not going to survive, what we make is what we have to pay out in rent, food, gas, insurance, and car payment.

So please lift my husband in prayer- he is frustrated, discouraged, and so unsure of what to do. He does not want to make any haste decisions based on his frustration. He needs clear answers from the Lord.

On to the next prayer thing- my family van- the only family vehicle we have has quitt working. (the only vehicle that takes us back and forth to church) We can start it but it will not stay started unless you keep your foot on the gas pedal. I just mentioned what our income was like, so taking it to a shop to fix it is not an option. Please pray- pray for a miracle because at this point that is what we are going to need.

It seems lately that Satan has been on my heels with all the things around me, first our AC caught of fire, so we have been without AC since last sunday. For those of you from Houston or even Texas know how hard it is to live without air. Praise the Lord for Hurricane Dolly- I know she did some damage, but she brought relief from the heat with her!!! Right behind the AC was my van not working, Paul (my eldest) knocked his front tooth out of his mouth. It has been a hard week for me- so please lift me in prayer Siestas, sisters, friends and family.

I love you all...

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  1. Angie,

    I am SO sorry! I am praying for you and your family! I certainly understand! We are struggling as well. I am praying for you!!



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