Friday, July 25, 2008

Most touching Video

Ok Siestas, friends, and family-
It is not often I see or hear something that touch me so deeply that I have to share but this is one so worth it. 

Please watch- it is so worth your time- and a reminder of how precious life is!


  1. My Bride,
    This is a very wonderful reminder of the precious lives our Father in Heaven gives us as parents and how we MUST take advantage of every second to speak into their lives. We are not promised tomorrow. Also, the Mooney's faith and trust in their Lord is truly amazing and challenging to me. Thank you for sharing it sweetie.

    Your loving saviour,
    samuel ev

  2. Oh my gosh, Angie. I finally come over to your beautiful website, and read your post above and watch this. And I'm supposed to get ready for church now! With a red nose and blotchy face from all the tears. Sweet, sweet story of God's gifts, and a faithful father. Love, Annette


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