Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seeking Edification

Dear Siestas, Friends and family
I have been trying to find places of edification for myself lately in why I have made the choices in my life I have made. I know they are ordained by Our Lord but when you are in a position that finances are so difficult, Your van breaks down, increase gas prices limit your mobility, increase food prices limit your ability to bring in sufficient amount of food and you are an able body, you need a reminder of why. Why do you stay home? Why do you homeschool? Why, why, why?

This speaker does not give why- but gives me a reminder of what is in my heart!


  1. Angie,
    God is there for you. Keep seeking and keep asking and He will answer. He will provide for you. You stay home because God has told you to. You homeschool be cause the alternative is probably not great.

    I had this discussion with God just the other day. I was whining because we have not gone anywhere on vacation and we soo want to. God just reminded me that most people have 2 incomes so they have more resources. To have a lot of kids and stay home it is going to require some sacrifices. Those things are temporal we are investing in the eternal.
    The No Other Gods study is really helping me through this. Go read Isaiah 55:1-9. This really spoke to me this week and I hope it will offer you some comfort now.
    Please know you are being lifted up by this Siesta!
    Love you!
    Amanda in SC

  2. Just thinking about my days staying home with the kids gives me warm feelings of satisfaction. They all turned out well. I was there for them. I oontinue to be. An available mom is a gift and a sacrifice--what you invest in today will be returned to you! Hang in there. With my prayers, Annette


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