Saturday, July 26, 2008

What is the meaning of family or extended family to you?

One of the things about moving to Texas that we were "excited" about was the thought of having "all the family" here.(actually extended family) Grandma,grandpa,  Sam's brothers, and sister are all here. 

Well we have been here almost 6 months now. I guess the newness of us being here has worn off, because we do not receive  phone calls, text messages, or emails of;" what are you all doing this weekend?"
 " Do you want to get together?" 
It has turned out to be just like any other time we lived in close vicinity of each other. We have become special occasion, holiday only relations.
 Why is that? 
How does that happen?
 Is it because we live such separate lives?  

Our lives are very uneventful. We spend them each day just surviving that day. We do not think of tomorrow- (that is scriptural) We do not take pleasure in vain things. I hate to shop. I love to sew. I hate going to the beauty parlor. All those things that "woman" are suppose to like to do. Not to mention we just do not have the money to do those things. 

Is that it, since we do not have the money to blow, then we do not get invited to the outings to the beach, or lake? or be considered for a barbecue?

It is a sad state to be in, to have family so close but feel like you have NO one you can depend on or trust. I  appreciate that I do have my children and my husband. They are all healthy- but I left my sister in Missouri- I left a life of her being involved in my life to come here to this. HMM--- makes me just want to just scream! I HATE IT HERE.... 

Ok that is what is on my heart today- what brought it about- I was on myspace- looking at my in-laws site- there were all these recent photos of them at the lake, beach, etc, with friends. 

By the way- we live right down the Texas street from Sam's family- but I guess they just do not want us around. So I guess I had expectations- when I moved here that I should not have. (life lesson)

So what does extended family or family mean to you? To me it means you are there for each other. You spend time together, you live life together. You can be yourself with them and know that you are loved. I truly believe that some of your closest relationships should be with your family. (mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle) Is that stupid? Is that expectations again?

In the bible, families stayed together- the husband left his father and mother and cleaved to his wife, but it never says anything about her leaving her family behind. I imagine that they lived in the same community. How else would the older woman teach the younger woman to love their husbands if, they do not live close by?

My heart is heavy today dear ones- so I guess I should go and meditate on things of the Lord and not on this!
Many blessings to you and yours!


  1. Angie,
    I know exactly what you mean. My Mom and sister live together about an hour away and we saw them more when we lived a6 hours away! Being a preachers family kind of puts us in the same boat. People don't invite us over either. So, I know where you are coming from, and it hurts!

    I have learned that when we put faith and hope into earthly relationships they will ALWAYS let you down.

    Hold onto God and he will hold onto you!! I will pray that God will bring some Godly friends into your life that will left you up!

    Jesus,I pray for Angie right now. She is having a hard time right now in the new home You lead them to. I pray even right now that You will raise up Christian friends for their family. Wrap them in your love and hold them close. Meet all their needs Father as only You can do.
    I Your name I pray!

    In the mean time Angie, have you tried inviting them over? Just know that there are Siestas around you who love you and know EXACTLY where you are!

    Your Siesta,
    Amanda in SC

  2. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths :)
    The truth is people will always disapoint you. The Lord is always faithful.
    I learned along time ago to not put my hopes and expectations into people.
    But to treat other people how I would want to be treated, if I want to be invited to a BBQ I have a BBQ and invite people over. I get involved in the lives of others and then they are involved in my life. You will quickly learn who your "family" is in this way.
    Our closest family is the family the Lord brings to us. We love our blood family but have come to realize that only a few of them are really vested in our lives.
    Much more so we are vested in thier lives by praying for them and through the precious shed blood of our saviour who makes all believers family.
    The scripture says for a man to have friends he must show himself friendly.
    I know what a good friend you are and how much you have to give!
    You will not be content until you are in a place where you are able to give.
    I encourage you all to get in a church (it doesnt have to be the "perfect church") and serve, love and be loved by Gods people. True Fellowship is when we commune with Christ together.
    Your family has much to give it is a shame that you are not able to use the gifts God has given.
    You all were such a blessing to us.
    I know you think Texas is not the right place, but you are there and we know that all things work together for good to them that Love God to them that are the called according to his purpose!
    Lift up your eyes my sister from whence cometh your help!
    God is on your side!
    He has not forsaken you!
    you are loved!
    I miss you

  3. Dear Angie, I am so sorry for your family disappointing you. It is a tough life lesson, but somehow every human will fall short in our eyes some way. I guess it is God's way of telling us no one but He will remain faithful to us. My heart goes out to you and prayers for a healed relationship. Not sure where in Texas you are, but you have a friend in Houston! Love, Annette

  4. Angie,

    Good words of wisdom have come before mine, so all I am going to say is that I am praying for you. and that I love you.


  5. My Beloved Bride,
    I wish--as your man--I could find the "solution" to this issue (being a problem solver) but I know I can not. I can, though, thank God for your heart and spirit. That you always desire and make effort to fellowship with people (family or friends) no matter what. And when anything keeps you ferom that it really disturbs you. Instead of getting angry and then bitter and just saying, "forget it all," you express your disappointment and allow God and your brothers and sisters in Christ counsel and love you.
    Thank you Lord Jesus for a sensitive spirit in my bride. Help me to console her and encourage her with "Thy Word." I love you and pray that you continue to kepp our hearts sensitive to your people and the lost. In Jesus Name.

    I love you my sweet and am so grateful that when God gave me my "rib" back, it was you. Let us "stand firm in the faith..." togehter--as one flesh.

    Samuel Ev--your loving saviour


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