Friday, August 29, 2008

God Stop Friday

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What God has shown me this week-
He has shown me that though my heart is to have a sister to walk through life, one close by to share my good and bad- that I have many sisters in Christ who have I have never met, but the Love of Christ is in them.

Here is a photos of what one of the beautiful Siestas sent me from the conference:

God has shown me that I am loved when I do not feel loved.

Thank you Lord-


  1. We've got some amazing Siesta friends! I'm so glad you got your package from her! I started my devotional this morning long before ths sun was up!


  2. What a precious gift from God through a sister! You are loved! We are loved by the Lord of the universe through Jesus Christ! Sometimes the cares of this world overwhelm us and we forget, but God is faithful to show us and remind us of HIS consistent, constant, unchanging love for us. Wonderful!

    Engrafted by His Grace-


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