Monday, August 18, 2008

What do you say at times like these?

CJ- a precious little boy who needed prayer. I saw him first on a Siesta site(Annie's eyes) and who could resist the precious face, and the big blue eyes. At 14 months old he was already a heart breaker. I read his life thus far and the more I read, the more I loved this little boy. His family had endured alot for his sake to make him well on this earth. He needed a heart. I searched daily on any new news on this precious gift. I prayed knowing the Lord was with him. Yesterday the Lord took this wonderful gift home with him. The grief hit me like a ton of bricks. I cried for this little one- I never met, and grieved for the Mother I could not hug and say I am sorry.

What do you say at times like these? How do you comfort knowing the pain is so sharp and fresh? All words seem so empty and in vain. There is no instant remedy for this kind of pain. Yes I know the LOrd is control. Yes I know that CJ- sweet baby, is no longer suffering, but are there right words?? I also know he is walking with Jesus- or even running, but how do you comfort those in grief?

Myer family- thank you for sharing with complete strangers your gift from Heaven. Thank you for allowing us to have a small piece of him as well. Giving us an opportunity to know of him- He will be remembered. His sweet face, and beautiful eyes will always be remembered.
May our Lord bring you peace in this time of grief.

In Christ


  1. Hey Angie...
    What a precious little boy CJ was.
    Praying for his dear family. We can't imagine....we just have to cling tight to Jesus.

    Praying for you as well my friend.
    Hugs and blessings!

  2. Such sweet words of comfort you offer Angie. You know God is in the middle of this for your heart to be so touched by a little boy in Virginia. It seems words fall short, but yours convey much love and peace. Love to you, Annette

  3. Angie, I hope I can get something coherent written here, as I am running on fumes right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweet tribute to my little grandbaby, CJ. We loved/love him so much and it's hard to believe we won't hold him anymore on this earth and kiss him and tell him how much we do love him. We know he is with Jesus and, yes, that gives us peace and brings a smile to our face, but there is still the grief to get through. We so appreciate your prayers....they are what has gotten us through thus far, and will continue to carry us.

    Thank you, Angie, you truly are a dear and you have beautiful children!!! God bless you.

    Love, Jean
    CJ's Grandma


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