Monday, August 4, 2008

Where to Start

What an amazing God we serve... a few weeks ago- if you will recall with me I posted about my week, where the air conditioning broke, the van broke down and Paul(my eldest) knocked his front tooth out. 

I sent out a distressed prayer request for our family basically stating that we were in need of a miracle. Honestly if people say that miracles do not happen then they are blind to them. God as always met us where we needed HIM most, with the van. Not only did someone "anonymously" want to pay for the van to be fixed, then someone came and offered us their 1999 GMC Suburban. With the thought that our van is too old, and this one may last a little longer- Yes you read it- they gave, gifted, and signed over their Suburban to our family. Do we serve a God of miracles or what?? We have been left awestruck and amazed of His provisions, and abilities to do what we can not imagine can be done!

Thank you Lord for always meeting our needs, and also going up and beyond!!


  1. Hi my name is Sharon and I saw your prayer request for tickets to the conference in SA with Beth. Did you ever get tickets?
    If not could you please email me at

  2. Praise the Lord! Quite frankly, I was very worried about my van leaving you stranded with all the family somewhere while your mother was visiting.....Lord you are too good...Praise Him, for he is good!

    Can you write about how the visit is going and maybe some pics too?

    lots of love,

  3. I am SOOOOO happy for you guys! The larger vehicle will be such an added blessing! Your kids will have more room and it will be great! See God is ALWAYS on time!


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