Thursday, September 4, 2008

"If Only I Had Listened"

By Alex 
A true story

I sat down at the table, eyeballing the cornbread like a shark with a sweet tooth. After saying grace, we commenced to eating.

"May I have some cornbread, please?" I asked
"Sure" came the reply

I placed my beautiful cornbread on my place. I looked at it and concluded that it was missing something. Hmm, I thought. What could this perfect piece of cornbread be missing? Then it hit me, BUTTER! So I asked my mother for some butter.

"No", she said, " the butter is too hard."

What! I was mortified, denied butter because it was too hard. How could she? So, I tried again.

"Please, may I have some butter?", I said, trying to look as cute as possible.

" NO, its still too hard," she said.

I'll get her, I thought.

" Pretty, please?" I pleaded.
"OK" she said, with a mischevious look in her eye. " I'll give you some butter."

Then taking my perfect piece of cornbread she did the UNTHINKABLE, she smashed the butter onto the bread. I watched it crumble like playdough in a baby's hand. I was humiliated. With the laughter of everyone ringing in my head the only thought I had was, IF ONLY I HAD LISTENED!

I had to share with all of you the true story that Alex wrote in English class today. I never laughed so hard in my life. He articulated himself so well, and I truly believe those were his thoughts at the time of this incident which happened about 6 years ago!(making him 10 years old at the time!)

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