Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Missionary Friend

Hello Dear ones-  
I know it has been so long since I last blogged. My life has been a whirlwind and there are times where I barely feel like I am keeping my head afloat, but God is so good to meet you right where you are at or when you need him he is there. 

I am really posting to share with you about my beloved Missionary friend Celina- She is here in the USA trying to take care of some issues they have been having with their bank account. You never realize how INCONVENIENT life can be till you have to deal with life in another country and still try to maintain things in the USA.  She is such a small frail looking person, but what a spirit this woman has. She truly does love the Lord. Life as a missionary has been a time of stretching and molding in her life. She has seen illness in her family and herself. She has experienced spirtual attack. She battles the differences in culture, language and understanding, while trying to do the Will of God and reach the lost. What a challenge is it is, but she truly in the Great Commission that God has place on all of our lives- To Go And Make Disciples of All Nations. We as believers fail in that area. 

Often times- we worry so much about ourselves, our health, our relationship, our needs, our prayers, that we forget to reach out to the lost world around us. We have so many right in the USA that are lost- that wonder around seeking fulfillment in the world around them with a hole in their heart and not knowing why. And the thing is we(Christians) have the answer- Jesus Christ! The one and only- true and Living God- the fulfillment of all joy and the giver of life! May we all realize that we are all called to Seek and Save the lost- through Christ Jesus!

Please my dear ones- pray for this Family-the Hendersons - pray for missionaries, and pray that the Lord will challenge you in this area in your walk with Christ!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary to my Beloved

I meant to do this days ago- Friday Oct 17, Samuel and I celebrate our 16th Wedding Anniversary.... WOW 16 years seemed to have fly by. It seems like yesterday some days and eternity others- can I get an AMEN?

Does anyone wonder what he is like?
Samuel E. Sellers- a man of many HIDDEN talents- is my bestest friend. His smile and laughter still to this day lightens my heart and makes me feel like everything is going to be ok even if the world is falling apart around me- which often time it is! He has such a fun loving sense of humor. He is caring and always so tender with all of His family and friends. He is truly a mighty man of God, a wonderful husband, and servant for his family. He is truly a wonderful example of man for my youngmen, and for my beatiful daughter. His strenths are all my weaknesses! My love for him grows with each passing day.

I pray that this is just one of many more anniversaries I will share with this incredible man!
I love you Babe!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Worshipping Wednesday!

Praise you Jesus- I praise you my Lord, my Prince of Peace, Lord of Lord, Mighty One- My Solid Rock! I come to you in a spirit of Worship- and ask that these words- my words speak to all of those who read them. Amen

This has been a crazy week- we have visitors. My friend Celina and her youngest Joshua-are missionaries(MOR) from the Philippines are here with us for a few days. She has come to broken, and ill. She needs many prayers and needs restoration spiritually and mentally! Serving others not only is draining but has caused major difficulties in their family dynamics! I see Satan attacking all over them- it is sad because- she is so dear to me- her pain- causes my heart to break. Yet I know- that though they are fighting for what is Good, and pure, the Lord has not left them! He is there to strengthen them. They truly believe in the GREATEST Commandment- to go and make disciples of Nations- but with that commandment- there was NO promise that it would be easy. The evil one does not want disciples of all nations. He wants the family divided- because a divided family brings weakness and sin! May the Lord protect them, guide them, and give them strength in their darkness!

More about the visit- this has been a glorious time for us! She is absolutely my heart-she is the dearest woman I know- and I truly love her as if she was my sister! It has been such a joy for me to cater to her- and have her here with me to chat with, and fellowship! Though I know because of difficult circumstances- I truly believe we were brought together in a time when we both needed it! When she comes it is like a ray of sunshine!

The last few weeks have been difficult for me- maybe that is why I have not blogged much. I struggled with loneliness- as well as things- that I have blogged about before.I did not want to sound like a boring broken record and lose the 4 people that read my blog faithfully! The Lord is faithful to meet us when we are weakest!

Thank you for sharing this time with me!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Monday Morning

Hello all- it is Monday- .. I do pray everyone had a blessed weekend. As for myself- it was uneventful. The uneventful weekends are always nice!

I interrupt this blog for a important News Break: My friend-Celina Henderson- missionary from the Philippines is in town. I ask you lift her in Prayer PLEASE- her family is under severe spiritual attack. She is under physical attack- she has been very ill,because of nerves she is having a nervous breakdown! She has returned to take care of issues that they have been having with their bank. Moneys have been removed regularly from there account which has been hindering their finances. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging......
I woke early this morning to have some time with the Lord- it was a sweet time of reading in prayer- my bible study has challenged me in prayer. Reminding me of the power I have lying in dormant waiting to be awoken again! (the Holy Spirit) I felt HIS sweet presence- like an old friend wrapping HIS arms around me. I missed HIM so!  " Keep me as the apple of the eye, Hide me in the shadow of your wings"(Psalm 17:8) That is my heart today- and the desire of my heart- to be in His constant presence! 

May the peace of the our Lord, and the presence of His Spirit be with all you dear ones today!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bible study-Testimony

As I continue on in my bible study- which is great- I had started this bible study before- but I do not think I ever finished it- who knows why- here is a post that I wrote that had the letter from God to women- that is in the book. It is a must read!

Ok now on to my testimony- It is to be divided in to two parts- First Part before Christ, and second part my life after Christ-

My life before Christ-
I was raised in Lancaster, Pa- by a faithful Catholic mother. I am the eldest of at the time 3 siblings. My real father- was an abusive man to his whole family. He was extremely controlling of my mother- who after 10 years had enough of his abuse and left. He would not let her leave with the children, so she left anyway. The abuse increased tremendously on me- being the eldest. 
Let's fast forward some- over time- things transpired- and we ended up with our mother. Who at this point had adjusted to single life, and was dating someone.(we knew him well)
They married and started their own happy family- with us in tow. Those years were painful years growing up. Starting over meant in my mothers eyes and heart REALLY starting over- and we were not included in that plan. Having us around was a nuisance- and at times and interference in her NEW life. It was hard to understand were God was in those years of abuse, insecurity and pain.Why did we(children) have to suffer so greatly, for what cause?! In the meantime- my faith in the Catholic church had begun to thin greatly. I did not see things- as the church did, nor did I trust the system of the church who shunned my mother because she made a choice to leave my father. 

Fast forwarding some more- I was a mother at this point, an adult per say,(19 years old) with two children still wondering and searching what life was all about- Looking for Love in all the wrong places! Knowing in my heart that I wanted to be a loving mother, dependable mother, one who would be there for her children NO matter what. But NOT knowing how to do that AT ALL. At this point feeling hopeless with myself, my decisions and my life and praying for the first time for God to help me, to intervene.

The very next day Samuel Sellers- walked into my life. Little did he know or I know that he was going to be the one to lead me to Christ. Samuel- a Navy Corpsman- a sweet, handsome, loving man walks in,  God had such a plan in-stored for both of us. At the time he was just a friend- No romantic feelings on my part any way. He was kind, was wonderful with my two children, and loved to just listen to what I had to say! (that was a first!) Eventually the friendship took its turn and turned romantic. It was during the romance that Samuel shared his faith. Told me about how he was saved, where he was saved, and what it was that made him pray to the Lord and ask him to forgive him- Of course- I knew that I needed that- I needed what Samuel had. We were married Oct 17 1992- I came to Christ- November of 1993. Yes it took a year because I was a bit stubborn- and Samuel was still so new in his faith, he was unsure on how to lead me.

My life after Christ-
Coming to Christ and releasing all the pain, all that baggage to him- has given me peace and freedom. NO my life is not perfect. Yes- we still struggle, but I have hope, and I have a reassurance I did not have before! I know that all things work for the good for those who Love HIM! He has purged me, stretched me beyond myself- and shown me that my past was a small stepping stone to where I am today. I am a mother of 6 beautiful healthy Warriors for the KING,and Married to Samuel Sellers- the most loving, compassionate man for God, family and Country I have ever known. My work is not finished-The Lord Jesus continues to stretch me and I continue to be stubborn at times, but the most wonderful thing about God is- he is patient, he is kind, and he is forgiving of every flaw I have! Why? Because I am His daughter- I am the daughter of the King of Kings and the Lord of all!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The King's Daughter

Good morning all-
I am up early- Praise the Lord. I have decided to try and get up early- and have some time with the Lord- then see if I can get some things done with schooling. I am hoping if I can do this- during the day I can work on some projects I have been trying to get done.

Anyway- I started a book this morning by Diane Hagee- The King's daughter. The first chapter brought me to tears several times. As she gave testimony of what God did for the very first conference she put together for young ladies, I could see the mighty power of God. The power, that we know is there, but so often doubt. I was amazed about how he worked to see that she got what she needed for this 12 week conference to be a success!

She stated some profound points that I thought I would share with all of you. This book is Titled " The King's Daughter- Becoming the Women God created you to be." It covers the inner women that has never come out. This all started because she decided to start a class for young ladies to help prepare them mentally, spiritually, and physically to be women and help them see that they are the daughters of the King. In the conference- what she noticed that more and more mothers, were staying to be involved and by the end of the conference she had 150 needy mothers- in the back of the room listening to what was being said, being changed and coming to alter! She started to examine why these mothers who should be teaching their daughters at home this principle are in this conference thirsting to be taught this principle themselves.

As she was speaking to a friend of hers about what was happening- he so profoundly said- God created gaps: those between good and evil, light and dark, sweet and bitter, and between men and women. Women have gravitated into a man's world in the name of equality and freedom. In search for equality women have lost their own identity and their identity in Christ. We (as women) were never meant to be equal. We were meant to be Unique!!

We have embraced the world and it's values so long that the lines or gaps between good and evil and light and darkness are dim. We have been around spiritual darkness and moral decadence so long that what we once considered unacceptable is now the norm. Through tolerance we have allowed a moral cancer to grow within each of us that our lives mirror the world.

My thoughts: How many of us can say that our lives are different then our unsaved neighbors? Not only do we dress similar, drive similar vehicles, but we also watch the same tv shows, and shop in the same stores. The only difference is twice a week- we go to church. And some of us just might take time- to read our bible.
We have become part of this world. In that we have lost who we are in Christ as believers and women!

Lord- I ask that you forgive me - I ask that you lead me through this study. That you help me to see where it is I have compromised in my life. I ask that you help me to be your daughter- but more so Help me KNOW that I am the King's daughter! Lead me I pray-

I hope you will walk with me through this twelve week-study!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Turning 18

Today is my eldest son's birthday- he is turning 18 years old. Such a significant age to the world around us. But truly what does it mean to those who do not live according to the world, and the standards of the world. It means that he is growing, becoming a man, but that does not happen just because he turned 18 years old. It has been happening over time through body changes, and through changes that I see in his character. What makes a man? Is it truly his age that makes a man? Or is it his actions, his character, the way he deals with life situations and the decisions he makes? Each time my baby, faces challenges in his life and comes to a conclusion that a man comes to- my eyes are change. I see him for what he is becoming, the MAN of God, The WARRIOR for Christ, and some day the LEADER of his home. That did not happen just because he is 18 years old!
All that to say- My son, my baby, my love, my pride and Joy- Happy Birthday! Mom loves you more than herself!

Tag your are it

Thank you Michelle V for tagging me- I was not sure what I was to do from there but I am following Sallye's example and going to do what she has done!

Answer these questions with one word answers
Where is your cellphone? Desk
Where is your signficant other? Work
Your hair color? Very Dark Brown
Your Mother? Saved
Your Father? working
Your Favorite Thing? PHOTOGRAPHY
Your dream/goal? to see my children Grow to be Warriors of God(sorry could not put that into one word)
The room you're in? School Rooom
Your hobby? Many
Your Fear? Children would turn from the Lord
Where do you want to be in 6 years? not here
Where were you last night? home
What you're not? Perfect
One of your wish items? apple computer
The last thing you did? sing Happy birthday to my son(sorry could not put that into one word either)
What are you wearing? PJs
Your TV? Off
Your Pet? Stinky Pug
Your Computer? on
Your Mood? Thankful
Missing Someone? Yes
Your Car? Surburban
Something you're not wearing but love to wear? Sweater
Favorite Store? NONE
Your Summer? Memorable
Love Someone? My beloved
Your Favorite Color? Blue
When was the last time you laughed?too early
When was the last time you cried? last night

Now to tag 7 other people. First is Angie B- I love her so very much- she is truly is a wonderful women!!
Annie- my friend- she is the sweetest women of God, and as so much wisdom to share.
Shonda- I know you are on break, but when you are back- Tag you are it!
Tasha- my best friend, and Kindred spirit!
Lisa- The Preacher's Wife- I could not forget you!
Amanda- Mom of 5 and lets not forget a preachers wife, but so down to earth and sweet
Celina- my BBF- my heart aches whenever I think of how far you are away- you are not just a phone call away but I know the Lord is using you in a might way!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

struggling through...

The last few days have been such a challenge for me mentally, physically and spiritually. I have been challenged to be creative for lunch with the very little food we have in the house right now. I have never ending school work to get done, grading, creating lesson plans and typing out test. I never seem to be able to catch up with myself. I have had a hard time with my quiet time. Honestly I have not had ANY quiet time.  How do you all do it? Especially those of you that get up and go to work each morning!  I know I should be doing it. I know it is part of my  mental health issues right now but I can not seemed to stay on it or stick with something. 
I often pray for someone  to ask me what did you read- each day, or what is God speaking to you today. ACCOUNTABILITY- a word so many of us hear but very a few of us have or live out. What is true accountability mean?  
Why have we gotten so busy in our society to stop and see how each of our brothers and sisters are doing spiritually?
 Is it because we are so self absorbed that we really do not care?
 Is it not the spiritual that should be more important in our lives? 
Or have we made our financial gain, and materialism a god in our lives? 
I truly long for the old days- the days when neighbors were not afraid to stop by unannounced. The days where families had traditions. The days when your relationship with Christ was important to everyone not just your pastor or preacher. Are those days truly gone forever?


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