Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bible study-Testimony

As I continue on in my bible study- which is great- I had started this bible study before- but I do not think I ever finished it- who knows why- here is a post that I wrote that had the letter from God to women- that is in the book. It is a must read!

Ok now on to my testimony- It is to be divided in to two parts- First Part before Christ, and second part my life after Christ-

My life before Christ-
I was raised in Lancaster, Pa- by a faithful Catholic mother. I am the eldest of at the time 3 siblings. My real father- was an abusive man to his whole family. He was extremely controlling of my mother- who after 10 years had enough of his abuse and left. He would not let her leave with the children, so she left anyway. The abuse increased tremendously on me- being the eldest. 
Let's fast forward some- over time- things transpired- and we ended up with our mother. Who at this point had adjusted to single life, and was dating someone.(we knew him well)
They married and started their own happy family- with us in tow. Those years were painful years growing up. Starting over meant in my mothers eyes and heart REALLY starting over- and we were not included in that plan. Having us around was a nuisance- and at times and interference in her NEW life. It was hard to understand were God was in those years of abuse, insecurity and pain.Why did we(children) have to suffer so greatly, for what cause?! In the meantime- my faith in the Catholic church had begun to thin greatly. I did not see things- as the church did, nor did I trust the system of the church who shunned my mother because she made a choice to leave my father. 

Fast forwarding some more- I was a mother at this point, an adult per say,(19 years old) with two children still wondering and searching what life was all about- Looking for Love in all the wrong places! Knowing in my heart that I wanted to be a loving mother, dependable mother, one who would be there for her children NO matter what. But NOT knowing how to do that AT ALL. At this point feeling hopeless with myself, my decisions and my life and praying for the first time for God to help me, to intervene.

The very next day Samuel Sellers- walked into my life. Little did he know or I know that he was going to be the one to lead me to Christ. Samuel- a Navy Corpsman- a sweet, handsome, loving man walks in,  God had such a plan in-stored for both of us. At the time he was just a friend- No romantic feelings on my part any way. He was kind, was wonderful with my two children, and loved to just listen to what I had to say! (that was a first!) Eventually the friendship took its turn and turned romantic. It was during the romance that Samuel shared his faith. Told me about how he was saved, where he was saved, and what it was that made him pray to the Lord and ask him to forgive him- Of course- I knew that I needed that- I needed what Samuel had. We were married Oct 17 1992- I came to Christ- November of 1993. Yes it took a year because I was a bit stubborn- and Samuel was still so new in his faith, he was unsure on how to lead me.

My life after Christ-
Coming to Christ and releasing all the pain, all that baggage to him- has given me peace and freedom. NO my life is not perfect. Yes- we still struggle, but I have hope, and I have a reassurance I did not have before! I know that all things work for the good for those who Love HIM! He has purged me, stretched me beyond myself- and shown me that my past was a small stepping stone to where I am today. I am a mother of 6 beautiful healthy Warriors for the KING,and Married to Samuel Sellers- the most loving, compassionate man for God, family and Country I have ever known. My work is not finished-The Lord Jesus continues to stretch me and I continue to be stubborn at times, but the most wonderful thing about God is- he is patient, he is kind, and he is forgiving of every flaw I have! Why? Because I am His daughter- I am the daughter of the King of Kings and the Lord of all!!

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  1. Wow Angie,
    Praise the Lord that He has your life now. I think the difficulties in our lives compel us to seek the Savior. He is the reason we live! Keep on serving our King from another daughter of the King. Blessings to you sister.

    Engrafted by His Grace-


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