Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Monday Morning

Hello all- it is Monday- .. I do pray everyone had a blessed weekend. As for myself- it was uneventful. The uneventful weekends are always nice!

I interrupt this blog for a important News Break: My friend-Celina Henderson- missionary from the Philippines is in town. I ask you lift her in Prayer PLEASE- her family is under severe spiritual attack. She is under physical attack- she has been very ill,because of nerves she is having a nervous breakdown! She has returned to take care of issues that they have been having with their bank. Moneys have been removed regularly from there account which has been hindering their finances. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging......
I woke early this morning to have some time with the Lord- it was a sweet time of reading in prayer- my bible study has challenged me in prayer. Reminding me of the power I have lying in dormant waiting to be awoken again! (the Holy Spirit) I felt HIS sweet presence- like an old friend wrapping HIS arms around me. I missed HIM so!  " Keep me as the apple of the eye, Hide me in the shadow of your wings"(Psalm 17:8) That is my heart today- and the desire of my heart- to be in His constant presence! 

May the peace of the our Lord, and the presence of His Spirit be with all you dear ones today!

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  1. What a GREAT way to start a Monday morning! Hope you are doing well, my friend. Love, Annette


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